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FAQ – Belmont Manor & Historic Park


Q: How long is the standard rental period for the day of my event?

A: The standard rental period is 8 hours. You can choose when the rental time starts and finishes, but all events must end before midnight. This time frame includes all your set up and breakdown and is the full duration of time that you, your vendors and guests can be at Belmont.

Q: How much does it cost to add time to my event rental?

A:  The 2019-2020 fee per each additional hour (after the standard 8-hour rental) is $500 per hour. You can add up to 4 additional hours, for a maximum of 12 rental hours.

Q: Can I come in early to decorate?                          

A: No. If you need more time to decorate than your 8 hour rental time, you can purchase additional hours for $500 per hour. All decorating must occur within your scheduled rental time frame. Items cannot be dropped off early, and all items must be taken with you when you leave.

Q: How many people can the manor house accommodate?

A: The manor house can accommodate up to 150 people standing comfortably in three separate, non-adjoining rooms.

Q: How many people can the tent accommodate?

A: The tent can accommodate up to 250 people.

Q: Can I have both my ceremony and reception at Belmont?

A: Yes, Belmont can accommodate outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The Manor is used for cocktail hour.

Q: Do you have any requirements of caterer’s when they come to Belmont?

A: Yes, The permit holder must select one licensed and insured full-service caterer of their choice. You must notify us of your Caterer selection PRIOR to signing with them so that we can ensure they have the required paperwork to work at Belmont.

1. Your caterer must fill out a Catering Form, provide us with their Catering license, and a certificate of insurance (including liquor liability) before we will approve them to work at Belmont.

2.  The insured must be under the name of the caterer that is named on the license. If they do not have the necessary paperwork and licenses they cannot work at Belmont. It is up to the renter to make sure that the proper documentation has been submitted and approved in order for the caterer to work at Belmont.

3.  All food and alcohol must be served by one licensed caterer – no exceptions.

4. Family catered events are not permitted.

5.  Caterers must employ their own staff and may not hire out or contract servers, bartenders, etc.

6.  The caterer or representative must attend a scheduled planning meeting with the staff and renter at least 45 days prior to the event. If your caterer has never worked at Belmont before, they must also attend a separate orientation meeting.

Q: Do you have a preferred caterers list for Belmont?

A:  We do not have a preferred list of caterers. We do have a list of full service caterers who have worked here successfully multiple times, and who have already provided us with their catering license and liability insurance for food and alcohol. You may select any caterer you like to work here at Belmont. If you select a caterer that is not already on this list, you must notify us of your Caterer selection PRIOR to signing with them so that we can ensure they have the required paperwork to work at Belmont.

Q: What is a full service caterer?

A: A full service caterer has a license to serve food and alcohol. All caterers at Belmont are required to submit their catering license and a certificate of insurance naming the Howard County as a certificate holder and additional insured.  Their insurance must cover general and liquor liability. The insurance must also cover worker’s compensation and auto-liability. We would be happy to provide your caterer with a sample to send to their insurance company.

Q: Does Belmont charge a fee to photographers who want to have a photo session on the grounds?

A: Photo shoots are a scheduled rental like other events at Belmont, to make sure there are no other activities on the grounds or in the house. There is a $150 per hour fee with a 2 hour minimum, and a refundable security deposit that is equal to 20% of your rental fee. These are weekday shoots before 5:00. After 5pm the fee is $200 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and a refundable security deposit that is equal to 20% of the rental fee. We are not able to schedule photo shoots on weekends because we are booked most Fridays through Sundays for events, so the grounds are closed.

Q: Does the tent have heaters, air conditioners or fans?

A: The tent does not have air conditioning or heating. During most of the season the tent sides are open. There are ten perimeter fans along the inside  of the tent. If you wish to close the tent sides and have heaters or air conditioners, you may contract a vendor to supply and work the equipment during your event timeframe. The HVAC vendor is required to deliver, staff and remove their equipment during your rental time frame. They cannot drop off their equipment, but must stay for the duration of your event. We can give you a list of vendors who have worked here in the past.

Q: How can I arrange a visit to see Belmont?

A: We have a full schedule of different types of events every day. In order for our visitors to avoid interrupting a scheduled event, the park and manor are closed to the general public unless we have a scheduled renters tour or open house (or other public) event. We cannot accommodate walk-ins or private tours.

Please check out our website for the list of renter’s tours and open house events, or contact us at 410-313-0200 for more information. You do not need an appointment to attend a tour, but we recommend that you leave a full hour to tour the entire property.  Date availability is not discussed during the renter’s tours. Please contact the office for our most current event availability for rentals.

Q: What happens if it rains when I have an event?

A: The standard rain plan is that your ceremony will move into the reception tent and cocktail hour moves into the Manor. The reception will remain underneath the tent.

However, if there is lightning, your event must be moved inside immediately for the duration of that storm. Belmont and your caterer will work together to ensure your party is safe and comfortable inside of the Manor House and that your event continues smoothly.

Q: What kind of events can I have at Belmont?

A: Belmont can accommodate an array of different types of events. The most popular are weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, conferences, quinceaneras, retirement parties, meetings, retreats, anniversary parties and holiday parties.

Q: When does the tent go up and how long does it stay up?

A: The tent is up from April to mid-November. Once the tent is down all events must take place inside the Manor House.

Q: Where do ceremonies take place at Belmont?

A: Belmont has numerous gardens and offers a wide variety of ceremony sites. There is a map of our grounds on our website as well as numerous photographs of our grounds and gardens. When you visit Belmont on one of the rental tours/open house events you can tour the grounds and determine which site or garden is the most perfect for your ceremony.

Q: Is alcohol permitted during event rentals?

A: Alcohol is permitted during event rentals, but must be served by your full service, licensed caterer. Your caterer must have alcohol liability insurance to serve alcohol. There is no self-serve alcohol permitted. No exceptions.

Q: How much parking is available?

A: Parking is available for 300+ cars. This is lined grass parking just outside of the gated gardens.

Q: Is set-up and clean-up included in my rental?

A: No. You must account for the time you need to setup and cleanup and include that in your rental period. We require a minimum of one-hour for cleanup. That means, if your permit ends at 11:00pm, your reception must end at 10:00pm to allow the caterer enough time to clean.

Your caterer is responsible for the set-up and take-down of chairs and tables inside/outside of the house. Belmont staff sets up the ceremony chairs only. You must allot enough time for your caterer, decorators, band, DJ, photo booth, florist, etc. to set-up and take-down equipment within your rental time frame.

If you feel more time is necessary than your 8 hour rental, you may purchase additional hours for $500 per hour. All set up and take down must be included in your event schedule. You may purchase more hours up to 45 days prior to your event. If vendors arrive early, or do not break down their equipment within your rental time, you may lose a portion of your security deposit.

Q: Is a security deposit required?

A: Yes, a $750 security deposit is required. The deposit is separate from your rental fee and cannot be put toward your rental. The deposit will be refunded within 30 days of your event as long as you did not exceed your scheduled time frame, contract rules were followed and there were no damages.

Q: When is the security deposit payment due?

A: The security deposit is due when you turn in your signed contract/permit to reserve your event date.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Q: What types of tables and chairs do you have?

A: A list of our available tables and chairs is included in our Furniture & Equipment form on the website. We offer gold chivari chairs for indoor/in the tent use, white vinyl padded ceremony/outdoor chairs and a tables in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will submit an Event Information Sheet to us no later than 30 days before your event. This will detail all the tables and chairs you will need for your event.

Q: Where do caterers set up?

A: Belmont has a large caterer’s kitchen for use by your caterer. This is a warming kitchen that includes convection and warming ovens, warming bins, microwave, industrial refrigerators and freezers, a three part sink and plenty of stainless steel countertops. Caterers can also use the caterer’s tent, which is right next to the main tent. This has access to electrical and has several large tables for prep work.


6555 Belmont Woods Road, Elkridge, MD 21075